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FKK is committed to provide sustainable solution, energy efficiency and quality that makes a real difference in the lives of all person using our products.

Address   11Tsutsumisoto-Cho, Kisshoin Minami-Ku, 601-8399 Kyoto, Japan
  Phone +81(0)75-314-8760
  Fax +81(0)75-314-4167
Established   February, 1954
Capital   10,000,000 ¥
President   Genjiro Kawata
Employees   Total 180 (January, 2020)

Every day in Asia, Europe or America, FKK is present in the lives of millions of people around the world through boilers, water heaters and stoves components.

FKK Corporation is an independent company and has existed since 1954.

Today supported by big Japanese industrial groups, FKK committed to support the development of renewable energy solution such as SOFC, PEFC fuel cell, cogeneration (combined heat and power, CHP), pellet stove or stirling engine system appliances.

By constantly improving quality and meeting customers expectation, today FKK Corporation is number 1 in Japanese market of energy system ignition components, claiming more than 60% of the ignition componentss in water, heating system, table top, fuel cell or cogeneration systems in Japan.

All FKK products and system are certified to international standard ISO9001 and comply to Rohs standard. FKK brand is well known throughout many industries for its high quality and reliability. The products are designed to provide excellent performance in the most demanding applications.FKK gives a deep attention to the whole production process and our engineers are strongly involved to develop safer and smarter products.

FKK Corporation challenging to expand around the world and develop energy efficient solution for tomorrow.

The company growth is spare in two key activities:

  • The production of LED outlet lighting luminaires and signage for professionals.Visit the web site
  • The production and development of ignition and sensing electrodes and ceramic igniters for gas, oil, biomass and fuel cells systems.

FKK now expanding worldwide at 3 production sites and 12 sales locations.

Production sites

FKK Corporation Japan Kyoto Plant (LED Lighting and Signage) web site

FKK Corporation Japan Fukuchiyama Plant (Spark Plug and Heater)

FKK Corporation Suzhou Plant (Spark Plug and Heater)

Distribution locations

FKK Corporation Japan Kyoto Headquarter

FKK Corporation Japan Tokyo Office (LED Lighting)

FKK Corporation Japan Osaka Office (LED Lighting)

FKK Corporation Japan Fukuoka Office (LED Lighting)

FKK Corporation Japan Sendai Office (LED Lighting)

Samson Corporation (Main Korean Distributor)

H&S Kabeltechnik Austria web site

DRAC S.L Spain/Portugal web site

Energy Footprint Greece web site

Crystal Technica Ltd. North America (Main North-America Distributor) web site

Cetal LLC Russia web site

We Always Try to Create a Difference

FKK Striving to find solution to custom-specific problem for every customers.

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