Corporate PolicyAbout our sustainable values


" FKK Corporation a taste to foresight future technology and customers needs."

Corporate philosophy

At FKK we are constantly thinking about how to contribute to today’s environmental challenges via solutions and systems to save energy. We are constantly looking for innovative and smarter solutions and achieve our goal through customer’s satisfaction. We are building harmony between people, foster a supportive and dynamic workplace, and deal sincerely with all tasks and people we encounter. We achieve this through strong principles to ensure a permanent and responsible prosperity, considering human, human development and its relation with environment as the center of our business strategy.


In a world where our natural environment is a bit more threatened every day, FKK have always been committed to nature. Considering the environmental protection as an essential purpose, in compliance with environmental standards (ISO 14001, REACH and RoHS) FKK designs and develops solutions that are more respectful of nature.


FKK gain the satisfaction and trust of the customer by drawing on unique technology and skills. We take customer’s point of view all the time and constantly improving customer satisfaction, responsiveness and the ability to take prompt and effective action. FKK put the quality management system (ISO 9001) to effective use and constantly improve the quality of products and services.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

FKK Striving to find solution to custom-specific problem for every customers.

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