New silicon nitride igniter models

All the drawings of our standard model of silicon nitride ceramic igniter (SIN igniter) can now be dowload on the SIN ceramic igniter page.

In addition, 2 new models are now available: a compact M14 HEX flange model (SNx-7) and a model with integrated flame sensing rod to check flame (SNx-8).

Line up

SNX-1 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter


D.8mm X L40mm Ceramic flange


SNX-2 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter


M18 Compression nut flange


SNX-3 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter


14mm x 12mm X L30mm Ceramic flange


SNX-4 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter


D.19mm X L50mm Ceramic flange


SNX-5 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter


M16 Compression nut flange


SNX-6 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter


32mm Round metal flange


SNX-7 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter


M14 Compression nut flange


SNX-8 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter


Silicon nitride igniter with integrated flame sensor rod


2018 Progetto Fuoco fair

Resistenza ceramica per stufe a pellet, Italia Progetto Fuoco 2018

Like every year since 2013, FKK Corporation will attend at major European biomass, wood chips and wood pellet heating trade fair. This year we will focus on Progetto Fuoco fair in Italy.

Progetto Fuoco 2018 : 21-25 February 2018, Verona, Italy

FKK ceramic igniter for wood pellet stove and wood pellet boiler products will be display on several booth and especialy on the stand of our Austrian distributor, H&S Kabeltechnik, Halle 9 C10.

Pellet igniters video – ceramic hot surface igniters for pellet burners temperature rise

Video showing pellet igniters – ceramic hot surface igniters for biomass / pellet burners, pellet stove and pellet boiler.

Ceramic igniter reach a steady temperature of 1,000 °C in extremely short time and allow a quick igbition of biomass olid fuel combustible within 60s to 90s.

PSx-1 igniter temperature rise

PSx-6 igniter temperature rise

New 120V ceramic igniter for biomass/pellet and cost down

We are pleased to announce the launch of the PSx-7-120-W model of AC120V ceramic igniter for wood pellet stove.

With its blow through tube and 3/8" Hex thread flange, this model is well adapted for North American market of wood pellet stoves and wood pellet grill / BBQ.

We also achieve a price decrease of all our 120V igniter line that allow us to offer new price 15 to 30% cheaper.

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